ABA Myths and Misconceptions

1) Behavioral Intensive Early Intervention is Purported to Cure Autism

2) ABA = Behavioral Intensive Early Intervention

3) Only Good for High Functioning Children

4) Only Good for Low Functioning Children

5) No Generalization

6) Aversives

7) Purported to Help all Children

8) Lovaas = Kleenex… All programs are the same.

9) Intensive Early Intervention is like vitamins

10) Intensive Early Intervention is something you can learn to do in a weekend

11) ABA creates robotic behaviors

12) ABA is only for getting rid of problem behaviors

13) All BCBA’s are equally qualified to provide all types of behavioral services

14) EIBT isolates children peers, school and the community.

15) ABA is a cookie-cutter approach